European large-scale functional genomics in the rat for translational research

International Rat Workshop 2010 in Kyoto, Japan

XVIIIth International Workshop on Genetic Systems in the Rat, 30 November - 3 December 2010, Kyoto University Campus, Japan.

Abstract Submission: September 6, 2010   extended to September 20th 2010 !
Early Registration: September 6, 2010   extended to September 20th 2010 !


Nature Methods Editorial: Rats!

Nature Methods, Vol. 7, No. 6, June 2010, p 413: Editorial

The editorial deals with new genetic technologies in the rat and refers to the use of transposon mediated
mutagenesis to knock out genes in rat spermatogonial stem cells, published by EURATRANS participant Z. Izsvak et al. in the same issue:

Nature Methods 7, 443 - 445 (2010)
Generating knockout rats by transposon mutagenesis in spermatogonial stem cells.
Zsuzsanna Izsvák, Janine Fröhlich, Ivana Grabundzija, James R Shirley, Heather M Powell, Karen M Chapman, Zoltán Ivics & F Kent Hamra

Disease Models Mechanisms Editorial: Rats!

Disease Models & Mechanisms 2, 206-210 (2009) Editorial

Philip M. Iannaccone (Developmental Biology Program, Children's Memorial Research Center, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL) and Howard J. Jacob (Department of Physiology, Pediatrics, and Human and Molecular Genetics Center, Medical College of Milwaukee, WI) on the rat as a model of human disease and the progress with ES cells.  

Nature Medicine News: The knockout rat pack

Nature Medicine 16, 254 - 257 (March 2010): News

Elie Dolgin, assistant news editor for Nature Medicine in New York, reports on developments in the field of targeted alterations of the rat genome, including the Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZNF) technology, homologous recombination in ES cells, transposon technology and ENU mutant technology, featuring EURATRANS participants Aron Geurts and Howard Jacob of the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), Milwaukee, Austin Smith of the University of Cambridge, Zsuzsanna Izsvak of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin and Edwin Cuppen of the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, respectively.

Nature News: Return of the rat

Alison Abbott: European investment could see knock-out rats catching up with mutant mice in medical research. in Nature News 11.08.09: Return of the rat

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